Subject: request for information
Date: Вт 17 ноября, 1998 4:57

Greetings, My name is Thomas Lim and I am a Journalist from the Radio Corporation of Singapore. I am very interested in your website but unfortunately, I am unable to understand most of the text as they appear in an unknown form (Russian maybe). I would like to find out from you if I need any special instructions to view properly, or if it is in Russian, can you refer me to an English site that contains some of the information you included in the page. Also, I am interested in writing a story about Russian Mafia and I wonder if you, or your colleagues and fellow experts could grant me an interview. I would greatly appreciate it if you could e-mail me your/their international telephone number and names so that I could get back to you. Thank you.

Thomas Lim K.T. Broadcast Journalist Radio Corporation of Singapore